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File Name anarsist.pdf
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PDF Version 1.4
Linearized Yes
Tagged PDF Yes
XMP Toolkit Adobe XMP Core 5.4-c005 78.147326, 2012/08/23-13:03:03
Format application/pdf
Title Anar┼čist
Creator Alfred Bester
Producer Adobe Acrobat Pro 11.0.0 Paper Capture Plug-in
Create Date 2019:11:14 14:40:46+03:00
Modify Date 2019:11:14 18:25:45+03:00
Metadata Date 2019:11:14 18:25:45+03:00
Document ID uuid:4b83e4a8-8e36-4ade-985c-56dc86824c07
Instance ID uuid:b9483bc2-f5ed-486e-b6b3-dcb1aec4dd53
Rendition Class default
Version ID 1
History Action converted
History Instance ID uuid:8f529631-b921-4fb0-9933-18c85de1ac9c
History Parameters converted to PDF/A-1b
History Software Agent Preflight
History When 2019:11:14 18:20:30+03:00
Part 1
Conformance B
Schemas Namespace URI
Schemas Prefix pdf
Schemas Schema Adobe PDF Schema
Schemas Property Category internal
Schemas Property Description A name object indicating whether the document has been modified to include trapping information
Schemas Property Name Trapped
Schemas Property Value Type Text
Page Mode UseNone
Page Count 224
Author Alfred Bester

Sat Nov 23 17:12:38 CET 2019